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  • Labelling

    Maceflor have a wide range of identification plants labels; folding, pointed tag, hangtag, T-label…


    We have two folding label types, a normal one, it also called loop label, made of PVC, which is appropriate for handwriting, and a computer one , made of tyvek, extremely light and high resistant to water and extreme temperatures. In both, their outdoor durability is 15 months.

    The Hangtag is made of PVC and its thickness is 0,4 mm.

    The Pointed Tag, made of PVC, recommended for seedbeds.


    You can request for thermal transfer printing.


    Check out our models and colours.3d small person standing near to an information icon. 3d image. Isolated white background.

  • Viveralia 2016

    Ones again, Maceflor take part in Viveralia, held in Alicante, introducing its wide range of products for producers and its new models of pots and window boxes for garden.



  • High Injection Moulded Containers

    Highly recommended containers for forest and fruit plant, citric and rose bush.
    Made of polypropylene with different types of drainage, so you can choose the more suitable to your needs.

    With interior grooves to prevent roots from winding. (except 6.30 Lts)


    dedo-de-una-mano-apuntando-a-la-direccion-correcta_318-42144  Available measures