Pots and arboriculture complements

We have a wide range of products and arboriculture complements. In our catalogue you can look up our wide offer in pots and complements of which we highlight:


Injected Container

Made of PP, we have different measurements between 1´6 litres up to 12 litres and PE 17 litres, 24 litres and 35 litres. This container is suitable for potting machines.

Because of his high stability, Maceflor recommends its use for all sort of plants.




High Injected Container

This high container provided with interior grooves to prevent roots from winding. It is also suitable for potting machines. Check the different drainages that we have.





Containers made of PE

Containers measurements between 16 cm and 33 cm. Available with lateral or base holes.




Bamboo stakes

This natural product is used to guide the plant growth. Among their distinct usages you find: vine, ornamental, arboriculture, reforestation..




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