The poinsettia history

At Christmas is impossible not to see this special and characteristic plant at homes. The poinsettia is a little bush which can have a height between 2 or 10 metres. Their leaves are in bright red and it can also be in pink, cream or light green.


Surely, you have never asked about how this plant reached to be the most recognized at Christmas. It was in Mexico, when two poor children went to see the nativity scene. None of them had anything to bring him, so they decided to cut this plant to make a present to Child Jesus. He was so moved with this action that he decided to ink into red, giving the Poinsettia the importance that it deserved. Although they are another stories that say that this red colour is due to tears of Aztec goddess who died broken-hearted, and for that reason their leaves acquired this unmistakable colour.

In fact, this legend is far from the real one. The poinsettia is original from Central America and it was on the XVI century when a Mexican Franciscan friar started decorating the church with these plants for it colour.
However, it was Joel Roberts Poinsettia, who let know the Poinsettia in the United States while he was ambassador in Mexico between 1825 up to 1829, during his travels to his country he bring with him some cuttings which gave as a present to his friends. This fact starts little by little popular becoming a tradition as we know nowadays.

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