Catálogo Maceflor Profesional

BEGINNING Maceflor started its activities in the plastic sector, in particular the injection moulded plastic, in the seventies by Mr. Juan José Avallone. Driven by his business spirit he was the first manufacturer of plastic pots for the ornamental sector in the Levante region and rapidly expanded to the whole country. Nowadays, the management of the company is run by the next generation and we would like to say that it is one of the leading supplying companies in pots, containers, tubs and other indispensable products for the cultivation of ornamental plants. STORAGE AND LOGISTICS Thanks to his 45 years of experience makes Maceflor aware of the continuously changing environment of the ornamental sector. Maceflor counts with a warehouse of more than 15.000m2 which enables us to be prepared to provide and satisfy the needs of our customers. We dispose of two lorries wherewith we offer the delivery in the Levante region. At national level we work with the main transport agencies from courier services to full loads. We are located in a strategic zone with good connections to the main motorways and the port of Valencia. We look after our clients because they motivate us and feed our passion for this lively sector. INTERNATIONALISATION In 1985 Maceflor obtained, with a lot of effort, its first international client and from then on we managed to be present in the five continents. Our persistence and determination in this project made us stronger and demanding in our daily tasks. QUALITY AND INNOVATION Our production is subject to strict quality controls in the whole process: from raw material to machinery and up to packaging. Our commitment to the environment is translated in the responsible use of recycled and recyclable raw material. Maceflor presents in this catalogue new products with different textures, plastic materials, forms and colours according to the latest trend. At Maceflor we like to do things right! INTRODUCTION